A quick introduction to Node.JS

Node.js gets its popularity because its open-source, cross-platform, and a lot of JavaScript developers can write server-side code without needing to learn a completely different language; in my experiments I will be writing JavaScript for my front-end code using React.

Node.js can handle thousands of concurrent connections with a single server by using non-blocking asynchronous I/O primitives in its standard library.

Node.js is a low-level platform, many developers use Frameworks to make it easier and faster to develop Node.js apps, one of them is Express, I mention this one because I think this is the one I’m going to be using for my learnings because it augments node (instead of replacing or hiding node), and claims it focuses on the core features of a server in a minimalist approach, and also because Google Cloud also use Express in some of its examples.
For my long-term project I may look into meteor because it targets mobile, web and desktop and integrates with React.
For real-time communication apps there’s a framework calles, if my app requieres this functionality the this is something I’m going to be looking at as well.

npm is Node’s Package Manager and it now hosts hosts over 1 million open source packages free to use. recommends people new to JavaScript (like me) to learn the following concepts, I added links to each one of them:
Lexical Structure
Arrow Functions
Template Literals
Strict Mode
ECMAScript 6, 2016, 2017, more.

The following is to understand asynchronous programming which is one fundamental part of Node.js:
• Asynchronous programming and callbacks
• Timers
• Promises
• Async and Await
• Closures
• The Event Loop

Don’t get the impression that I did a brain dump to write this story, all the information and more can be found in the original site, this story is what I’m learning plus a few thoughts and plans.

If you’re up for a challenge, I recommend reading A deeper introduction to Node.js (Part 1) where I show a lot of code snippets!

See y’all later! ✌️



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